Beautiful artwork by Bluss (BABB)
I have spent hours and hours agonizing over the artses you see below. They are a window into my soul.
jk these are just for funsies, to show my furfriends how I imagine them in my brain. Please feel free to mock, etc. Enjoy!

Character: Nuez, seen hurriedly leaving a hotel room.

Character: Ruby Dawn, seen lounging in the tub (she never really gets out.)

  Character: Mosswich, seen in its natural habitat.

Character: Twig, seen aboard the Mud Voyager, quelling cat mutiny in honor of shady sheep.

Character: Mammo, seen participating in her first Mommy&Me swim class with Baby Weet. We think she's doing a great job. Also, biceps. She lifts bro.

Characters: Jes and Nooz, riding off into the sunset.

This one I never finished, and don't feel like it now! This is probably the hardest I've ever worked on an art before, and you will likely never see this much effort made ever again.
Characters (from top left): Zephyr, Jenifyer, Caela. From bottom left: Bluss, Mosswich, Brea, Amaranth.

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